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Adec Dental Chairs and Adec Dental Stools

Although A‑dec 500 is our flagship chair, all A‑dec dental chairs and dental equipment provide dependable, unique solutions based on more than 45 years of ongoing collaboration with the dental community. Plus, get the support you need with A‑dec stools.

Adec 500 dental chair: Premium comfort for your patients. Great ergonomic access for you.

Adec 400 dental chair: Contemporary design, patient comfort, and uninhibited dental team access combined with solid, reliable performance.

Adec 300 dental chair: Stylish and compact. A‑dec 300 fits both small spaces and conservative budgets. Combines a robust design, great access, and minimal maintenance.

Adec 200 dental chair: Part of a complete system packed with features for added accessibility and comfort–all at a great value.

Adec 500 stools: Feature-rich doctor’s and assistant’s stools offer a dynamic seating system that conforms and moves with the body.

Adec 400 stools: Iconic durability. Contoured support. Doctor’s and assistant’s stools provide ergonomic seating for all-day comfort.

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