Introducing LiquidSteel® PolyFill Plasma+® by Carl Martin

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The Liquid Steel PolyFill Plasma+® by Carl Martin, is now available through Alldent. The unique design and function of the composite products includes an egg-shaped working end for condensing extensive surfaces in the molar region and contouring the surface right up to the tooth margin, a flared working tip and a very pointed and flared instrument tip for final contouring of the cusps and forming the minute fissures.

These instruments feature purpose-curved shapes for reaching proximal areas, broad, flat spatula for applying filling material to extensive surfaces and condensing, and thin condensers for initial condensation.
The Carl Martin quality and technology are the highlight of the Liquid Steel PolyFill Plasma+® tools with an extremely hard and scratch-proof surface, a dark-blue working tip for perfect contrast to the filling material, and an ultra-light, ergonomic and matt finish hollow handle for fatigue-free and anti-glare working.

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