New PSPIX world's smallest PSP scanner

Embracing the benefits of miniaturisation, easy networking and an innovative improved approach to infection control, the new PSPIX® from ACTEON® Imaging is the latest innovation in phosphor plate scanners for the dental market. It combines contemporary design, evolutionary size and a wide range of functions making this new phosphor plate scanner as easy to use as possible.

A surprising and futuristic design

The latest technology used in the new PSPIX has enabled the development of compact components to offer the smallest scanner on the market. The futuristic and elegant design brings a wave of freshness and innovation to the modern dental practice.

Pure simplicity for multi-surgery practices

The new PSPIX is compatible with both MAC and PC and able to be shared amongst up to 10 workstations, making it ideal for both small and large practices.

The “Click & Scan!” automatic management system further revolutionises ease of workflow by allowing the user to select their workstation directly from the new PSPIX touch screen, for a more fluid procedure. The scanner’s status is also visible at a glance on the new PSPIX display.

Optimized for the individual user

This new scanner is small, affordable and well-suited for individual examination rooms or dental surgeries. A few seconds is all it takes for a high quality radiograph to be processed, to provide a clear and reliable diagnosis which allows more valuable time with patients.

Innovation in hygiene

The new PSPIX is built from parts which can be removed and cleaned in a thermal washer disinfector, the latest standards in effective disinfection. What’s more, PSPIX is the only scanner that offers optional removable parts that can be sterilised in an autoclave, offering maximum protection.

With the new PSPIX, ACTEON Imaging can now offer every practitioner a scanner that fulfils their surgery’s needs.

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