New system for tongue sanitisation

In the past, tongue sanitisation has been deemed too complicated and too uncomfortable for patients. However, the new Tongue Vacuum Cleaner by TS1 is the future of tongue sanitisation!

The tongue contributes to approximately 57% of the total bacteria found in the human mouth and plays a leading role in intraoral causes of halitosis.

Oral cleansing should therefore also include deep-cleansing of the tongue… and now it has never been easier.

The TS1 Tongue Vacuum Cleaner is an effective solution for professional deep-cleansing of the tongue in dental surgeries. The TS1 Tongue Vacuum Cleaner easily fits onto the saliva ejector of the treatment unit, thereby enabling the gentle and effective removal of bacterial tongue coatings.

The professional oral prophylaxis procedure is conducted as usual. For a really comprehensive result, the TS1 Tongue Vacuum Cleaner is then employed to remove the tongue coating. This will eliminate the largest bacteria reservoir in the oral cavity. The additional time required is only approximately one minute.

The TS1 is the ideal complement to every professional oral prophylaxis procedure, for Full Mouth Disinfection (FMD) and for specific treatment against halitosis. The treatment can be enhanced by pre-treating the tongue with a tongue cleaning gel, which considerably increases the feeling of freshness experienced by the patient.

The result of tongue sanitization with the TS1 is immediately visible. You can see the sanitized area of the tongue after treating it with the slatted side of the TS1. The TS1 Tongue Vacuum Cleaner is made in Germany according to ISO 9001.

Tongue Vacuum Cleaner offers:

  • Deep-cleansing of the tongue through the vacuuming of  bacterial tongue coatings
  • Removal of bacterial tongue coatings from the oral cavity
  • Extraordinary feeling of  freshness after treatment
  • Low gag reflex in comparison  to conventional methods
  • No irritation or trauma of tongue papillae as with tongue scrapers or rotating brushes
  • Low material cost
  • Time saving – 1 minute service!
  • Hygienic and disposable

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