VistaScan Mini View 2.0 image plate scanner

Durr Vista Scan 2.0

The latest image plate technology, working together with VistaScan IQ image plates to open up many new AI-based features. With Smart Scan Workflow, work becomes even more efficient thanks to the ability to link IQ image plates directly to the patient. Together with the superior image quality of the tried-and-tested PCS technology, this new system will make your dental practice completely fit for the future.The Benefits at a glance:Quick and … Read More

Acteon X-Mind Prime 2

Streamline any step of your journey in dental imaging, either when scanning, making diagnosis or managing your practice. The X-MIND® prime is one of the most compact and easy to use digital all-in-one dental unit, blending 2D panoramic, cephalometric and CBCT imaging. The combination of X-MIND® prime with the latest Acteon Imaging Suite allows you to source quality images and offer optimal diagnosis and treatment to your patients.

Acteon SOPIX Plugin

Acteon SPOIX Plugin

Smart sensors, for effortless performance. We have developed a range of smart digital sensors to ensure you a high resolution image that automatically adjusts to your needs and those of your patients.The Benefits at a glance:Smart Flow Our mobile sensors adapt to all clinical cases, all morphologies and all software, to provide you and your patients greater comfort. Smart Technology Our latest generation of digital sensors provide a sharp X-ray … Read More

Acteon C50 Full HD Camera

Acteon C50 Camera

The C50 HD Camera provides dental professionals extremely sharp images to improve every dental treatment workflow. Combined with Acteon suite of imaging software solutions, the C50 offers greater diagnostic flexibility and enhanced patient benefits. The C50 has advanced optics with autofocus, HD image sensor, smart menu, and optional innovative detection assistance. Its robust construction assures years of reliable service, and its ergonomic design is comfortable for the patient and clinician.The … Read More

Digimed Portable X-Ray System


A reliable, easy to handle and ergonomic portable X-Ray deviceThe main benefits at a glance Reliable X-Ray Source Ergonomic Design Rotary Switch Stronger Safeguard Wide TFT Colour LCD Switchable Rectangular Emission cone Meticulous Craftsmanship Download PDFBuy NowThe Alldent AdvantageALLDENT are authorised Acteon distributors and provide expert consultation and installation of all Acteon Products. We provide comprehensive service & maintenance and after sales support. Located in Port Melbourne, we would welcome … Read More

OPG X-Mind Prime by Acteon

Acteon X-Mind Prime

OPG X-Mind® prime is a complete solution that combines 2D and 3D technologies. This dental OPG unit demonstrates its remarkable ingenuity by remaining compact and easy to use while combining 2D and 3D technologies. Using a single sensor, the practitioner can quickly and easily switch between modes. With these features, OPG X-Mind® prime offers a wide range of panoramic (24) and CBCT (32) options, covering many clinical applications including implantology, … Read More

Acteon PSPIX2 Intraoral Phosphor Plate Scanner

A simple and intuitive personal imaging plate scanner providing outstanding images.PSPIX®² combines a number of autonomous features that guarantee an efficient workflow without burdening you with a number of actions to do yourself. Just drop the plate inside the slit, the PSPIX®² will automatically detect the size, scan the plate, optimize the image, and send it instantly to your imaging software. In the meantime, it will automatically erase and eject … Read More

Acteon XMIND trium

3D technology that facilitates implant planning with instant volume measurement and bone density assessment By combining high quality spatial resolution with a significant reduction in X-ray doses, ACTEON® has made X-Mind® trium the most powerful and comprehensive Cone Beam Volumetric Tomography system on the market. Allows accurate evaluation of bone density and positioning of anatomic structures to assist in implant fixation. Provides clear, accurate images for transversal sections, for volume calculation … Read More

Acteon Sopro Care Intra Oral Camera

acteon intra oral camera sopru care

Assists in detection during prophylaxis and periodontal consultation New plaque is highlighted by its white and grainy characteristic and old plaque is revealed a shade of yellow and orange Differentiates the colour of tissue and reveals oral hygiene pathologies. Enamo-dentinal caries are clearly revealed by the bright red colour in the CARIO mode A preset focus ring replaces the inconvenience of autofocus and provides sharp images without delay Benefits PERIO … Read More

Acteon SOPRO 617 Intra Oral camera

The SOPRO 617 offers a graceful curved design to improve viewing access in the patient’s mouth, as well as high-fidelity images through an aspheric lens. This means that distortion is eliminated, providing a higher quality image, allowing you to provide better care for your patients. Key features include: A viewing angle of 105° (a 15 degree increase) allowing for better oral exploration of distal and hard to reach areas Unmatched lighting system of the … Read More

Acteon SOPRO Life – Light Induced Fluorescence Evaluator

The Acteon SOPRO Life combines years of technical expertise with scientific and clinical research based on the principle of fluorescence to bring you an innovative and indispensable device for your practice. Key features include: Diagnosis Aid Mode More accuracy when diagnosing occlusal or interproximal caries Differentiate healthy tissue from infected tissue with ease Provides better detection of decays and proximal lesions Ergonomic design Less X-Ray exposure to your patients through the fluorescence … Read More

Acteon Satelec X-Mind Unity

The Acteon Satelec X-Mind Unity allows you to control the amount of radiation exposure to your patients by up to 52% as well as give you highly defined images so you can ensure the best care for your patients. Key features include: Uncompromising design Clean lines Proven quality Superior materials Unique technological advantages Allows you to control patient exposure to radiation X-Mind Unity can reduce radiation exposure by up to 52% Focal … Read More

Portable X-Ray Intra Oral – Mine

Intra Oral X-Ray Portable MINE, the newest portable X-ray camera, considers safety, covenience and effect of sight of operator and is lighter and more compact than conventional products! Highlights at a glance Minimized latency time through the use of high frequency inverter Safety of operator and patient by minimized exposure time Improved image quality by reduction of ripples and phantom phenomenon through high frequency inverter Comfortable use thanks to light … Read More