Proxeo Aura Prophy – Air Polishing System

W&H Proxeo Aura

Soft deposits and stains can be removed thoroughly and efficiently without changing the handpiece. Whether you are working supragingivally, in the sulcus or in deep pockets, the combination of the right powder, the corresponding setting on the adjustment ring and the matching spray head ensures you always achieve optimal treatment results. The main benefits at a glance Practical adjustment ring for simple switching between prophylaxis and periodontal treatments 2 different … Read More

NSK Varios Combi Pro

Varios Combi Pro

Two Maintenance Systems in One Combining ultrasonic scaling and powder therapy for more effective and comfortable oral hygiene and biofilm control. Bringing together advanced ultrasonic solutions and powder therapy for truly professional results. Innovative New Design Enables Clinicians to Safely and Efficiently Combine Two Applications NSK has combined ultrasonic treatment and powder therapy into a single professional treatment unit that streamlines procedures and saves time and space. The detachable chamber and handpiece … Read More