Portable X-Ray Intra Oral – Mine

Intra Oral X-Ray Portable MINE, the newest portable X-ray camera, considers safety, covenience and effect of sight of operator and is lighter and more compact than conventional products! Highlights at a glance Minimized latency time through the use of high frequency inverter Safety of operator and patient by minimized exposure time Improved image quality by reduction of ripples and phantom phenomenon through high frequency inverter Comfortable use thanks to light … Read More

Carestream 2200 X-Ray

Main Features Improved design for added durability and reliability Designed with safety, comfort and efficiency in mind High frequency generator Supports superior image quality Better safety conditions for your patients and staff Features an intuitive timer Timer interface improves the user-friendliness and the reliability Complies with modern quality control and Euratom directives Interface is very intuitive and easy-to-use Timer includes a complete diagnostic tool for easier servicing by technicians, which … Read More

MyRay Intra-Oral X-Ray

Highest quality with lowest exposure. Always-sharp images, versatility and meticulous attention to patient health. With RXDC you get the best DC technology with the lowest X-ray dose. The constant potential high frequency generator (DC) provides sharp images with the very highest level of detail. Compared to AC systems, they also reduce exposure times and the amount of harmful radiation by containing the dose administered to the patient. A focal spot of … Read More

Acteon Satelec X-Mind Unity

The Acteon Satelec X-Mind Unity allows you to control the amount of radiation exposure to your patients by up to 52% as well as give you highly defined images so you can ensure the best care for your patients. Key features include: Uncompromising design Clean lines Proven quality Superior materials Unique technological advantages Allows you to control patient exposure to radiation X-Mind Unity can reduce radiation exposure by up to 52% Focal … Read More