Acteon X-Mind Prime

Acteon X-Mind Prime

X-Mind® prime is a complete solution that combines 2D and 3D technologies. This unit demonstrates its remarkable ingenuity by remaining compact and easy to use while combining 2D and 3D … Read More

NSK Varios Combi Pro

Varios Combi Pro

Two Maintenance Systems in One Combining ultrasonic scaling and powder therapy for more effective and comfortable oral hygiene and biofilm control. Bringing together advanced ultrasonic solutions and powder therapy for truly … Read More

Carestream Imaging Plate System CS 7200

Carestream CS7200

The best of both film and digital An affordable solution for any practice, the CS 7200 imaging plate system combines the benefits of both digital imaging technology and traditional film. … Read More

NSK Dentalone Mobile Cart

NSK Dentalone

Dentalone is the dentist’s office mobile cart easily expandable from ‘carry’ position to a comfortable, user-friendly dental treatment cart ready to use anywhere, anytime. Dentalone offers a large range of … Read More

MyRay Hyperion X5 OPG

myray hyperion x5

Hyperion X5 is the fruit of an innovative design capable of adapting to any practice, by ensuring real-time diagnosis. State-of-the-art technology, simplicity of use. This is the formula MyRay offers … Read More

Digisens Intraoral Digital Sensor

DIGISENS is an innovative, flexible, very resistant sensor able to produce high quality images. Digisens Intraoral sensor produces perfect, high quality images with excellent resolution (20lp/mm) without the use of … Read More

VarioSurg 3


Multi Function Piezo Electric Unit for Minimally Invasive Surgery Sinus lifts, extractions and bone grafting are all too simple for this powerful and intuitive machine. Minimal invasive surgery. Eliminates heat … Read More

Surgic Pro

Surgic Pro

Multi Function Brushless Surgical Micromotor with USB data storage facility. Intelligent, intuitive and accurate. One unit for many surgical applications with USB port for easy data storage. Control unit with … Read More

X-Ray Intra Oral Best-X-DC

The radiographic BEST-X-DC is the fruit of long experience of the New Life Radiology. Take advantage of the most modern technique applied to dental radiology. Lightweight and compact, all functions … Read More

Portable X-Ray Intra Oral – Mine

Intra Oral X-Ray Portable MINE, the newest portable X-ray camera, considers safety, covenience and effect of sight of operator and is lighter and more compact than conventional products! Highlights at … Read More

NSK iCare Handpiece Maintenance

NSK icare

NSK iCare Handpiece Maintenance – Automatically Cleans & Lubricates iCare sets a new standard for handpiece maintenance systems. In one stylish and compact body, it offers you both ease of … Read More

NSK iClave Plus

NSK iClave plus

The iClave’s Copper Chambers Superior Thermal Conductivity Delivers Outstanding Performance, and 50% more capacity than conventional Autoclaves The main features at a glance Faster sterilisation The copper chamber and adaptive … Read More

Miele Thermal Washer Disinfector

Miele Thermal Disinfector

Miele Thermal Washer Disinfector with hot, cold and AD water connection, liquid dispensing and EcoDry function. Perf./cycle, e.g. 22 transmission instruments or 22suction devices Efficient use of resources – variable … Read More

Carestream RVG 5200 Sensor

Intuitive imaging. Affordable price. Sophisticated, Yet Simple True resolution of 16 lp/mm Simplified workflow User-defined image processing tools allow users to establish their own default settings Ergonomically optimized Reliable Tested … Read More

Carestream Phosphor Plate Scanner CS 7600

The Features Exclusive Scan & Go technology Automated and secured workflow No manual interaction, improved productivity Only system designed  for multiple users and multiple patients No risk of image mix-up … Read More

OPG Carestream 8100

Main Feaures and Benefits One of the smallest ceph unit on the market Only 1,8m width (10 cm to 30 cm smaller than leading ceph units on the market) Fits … Read More

Carestream 2200 X-Ray

Main Features Improved design for added durability and reliability Designed with safety, comfort and efficiency in mind High frequency generator Supports superior image quality Better safety conditions for your patients … Read More

MyRay Intra-Oral X-Ray

Highest quality with lowest exposure. Always-sharp images, versatility and meticulous attention to patient health. With RXDC you get the best DC technology with the lowest X-ray dose. The constant potential high … Read More

Durr Vista Scan Mini Plus Phosphor Plate Scanner

VistaScan Mini Plus considerably simplifies imaging in the surgery With the proven engineering and outstanding image quality characteristic of Dürr Dental image plate scanners worldwide. Made in Germany. VistaScan Mini … Read More

Lina Autoclave

Lina Autoclave

Lina autoclaves offer exclusively type B cycles that are suitable for the sterilization of all types of dental products. With its ease-of-use and practical keypad it is assured to navigate … Read More

X-Mind DC

acteon xmind dc

Benefits RELIABILITY OF THE X-MIND AC AND DC GENERATORS The X-MIND AC® and DC® generators are renowned for their reliability along with their consistent performance. Two beam limitation devices made … Read More

A-dec 300 LED Dental Light

A-dec 300 dental led light

Accurate. Economical. Reliable. Improved vision: The A-dec 300 LED dental light floods the oral cavity with light Accurate tissue analysis: See tissue in pure light for accurate, consistent diagnoses Low … Read More

A-dec 500 LED Dental Light

A-dec 500 dental led light

Smart. Refined. True. The highest level of illumination recommended by dental operatory ergonomic specialists Accurate tissue analysis: See tissue in pure light for accurate, consistent diagnoses Low heat, no noise: … Read More

A-dec 400 Assistants Stool

A-dec 400 Dental assistants stool

Ultimate Comfort & Support. Feature-rich. Three layers of flexible seating conform to your every shift and move. Dynamic seating system helps your spine maintain a healthy S-shape. Easy-to-follow numbered adjustments … Read More

A-Dec 400 Dental Chair

A-dec 400 dental chair

Contemporary design. Patient Comfort. Virtual pivot. Synchronizes the movement of the chair with the anatomy and motion of the patient. Dual-articulating headrest. Adjusts easily for optimal patient positioning. Two-position armrests. … Read More

A-dec 400 Doctor’s Stool


Iconic Durability and Comfort. The ergonomic tilt on the A-dec doctor’s stool helps you maintain the natural curve of your back. Dynamic seating system helps your spine maintain a healthy … Read More

A-dec 500 Assistant Stool


Feature-rich Design. Ultimate Comfort and Support. Three layers of flexible seating conform to your every shift and move. Dynamic seating system helps your spine maintain a healthy S-shape. Easy-to-follow numbered … Read More

Nitrous Oxide Sedation by Baldus®

Baldus Nitrous Oxide Sedation System wins German Innovation Award Work smarter, Not harder, with Baldus Nitrous Oxide Sedation Baldus presents two types of nitrous oxide mixer units from its own … Read More

Vacuum Forming Machine

VACUUM FORMER ” THE MACHINE ” Suitable for 125 x 125 Square mouthguard or splint materials. Dental Vacuum Thermforming machine, 1600W,220V,50~60Hz Enquire Now

W&H Lisa VA Benchtop B Class Autoclave

Fast, Easy to use, performance, full traceability. The new W&H Lisa B Class steam sterilizer / autoclave with the easy to use colour touch screen and user-friendly menu structure fits … Read More

Sanctuary Powder Free Dental Dam

The world’s first powder-free dental dam, the Sanctuary Dental Dam offers better comfort, making it a better alternative compared to ordinary dental dams. Sanctuary Dental Dam guarantees minimum expansion of … Read More

TS1 Tongue Vacuum Cleaner

The Tongue Vacuum Cleaner by TS1 is the future of tongue sanitation! The tongue contributes to approximately 57% of the total bacteria found in the human mouth and plays a … Read More

Acteon XMIND trium

3D technology that facilitates implant planning with instant volume measurement and bone density assessment By combining high quality spatial resolution with a significant reduction in X-ray doses, ACTEON® has made X-Mind® … Read More

A-dec 500 Stool

A-dec 500 dental doctors stool

We’ve Got Your Back…Seating That’s Made to Perform Three layers of flexible seating conform to your every shift and move. Dynamic seating system helps your spine maintain a healthy S-shape. … Read More

W&H Assistina 3×3

Assistina 3x3

Handpiece Lubrication Unit W&H Assistina MB-300 3×3 A 3-step validated process to clean your handpieces thoroughly in record time with the Assistina 3×3 Step 1: Automatic internal cleaning of the spray … Read More

W&H Assistina 3×2

Assistina MB-200 3 x 2

A 2-step validated process to clean your handpieces thoroughly in record time with the Assistina 3×2 Step 1: Automatic internal cleaning of the spray channels and transmission parts with W&H ActiveFluid. Blowing … Read More

Acteon Sopro Care Intra Oral Camera

acteon intra oral camera sopru care

Assists in detection during prophylaxis and periodontal consultation New plaque is highlighted by its white and grainy characteristic and old plaque is revealed a shade of yellow and orange Differentiates … Read More