Amalgamator Softly Acteon

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Softly amalgamator is a universal high speed mixer for pre-measured capsules (amalgam, glass ionomer) used in the dental practice. It is controlled by a microprocessor which ensures precise repeatability of the selected time to ensure you a controlled consistent mix. The aesthetically-pleasing ergonomic design of the Softly amalgamator allows for easy use and selection of the timer display. The width of the oscillating range (25 mm), and the mixing frequency (4000 vibrations/min. ± 50 per min.) and your selection of the correct time required, provide perfect homogeneity and an ideal consistency for the type of amalgam that you choose. Acteon Softly is very stable, extremely quiet, and very easy to clean and maintain. To guarantee totally safe operation, Softly is disactivated when you open the front cover to access the capsule. Softly Amalgamator is entirely made of injection-moulded ABS material. It is in compliance with all electrical and mechanical safety standards. Nice compact design to suit your dental practice.