Extraction Kit Benex II Basic


Benex II Basic Kit – Tooth Extracting System for Atraumatic Tooth Extraction


In Modern dentistry, Implantology following extraction is favoured.
Benex II provides gentle and simple extraction of roots over the whole mouth.
Damage to soft tissue and the surrounding bone is minimised.
Due to the longitudinal extraction method, Benex II provides the optimal base for direct implantation. It is also a valuable aid for retarded implantation after extraction.


See how it works:

The Benex Basic Kit is contained in its own Washtray with lid and consists of the following:

Benex Extractor Tool, Pullrope 48 mm, Driver Guide,
Screw short 1.6 mm + 2.1 mm,
Screw long 1.6 mm + 2.1 mm,
1 Drill ea. for 1.6 mm + 2.1 mm Screws,
Quadrant Support