Cerviject lntralingamental Syringe 1.8ml thread 1956


CerviJect Syringe – Painless Injection Syringe


CerviJect Syringe – Painless Injection Syringe

injection system for intraligamental anaesthesia, for use with a 1.8ml cartridge and metric thread needle that can be used in intraseptal anaesthesia

  • new design ∙ advanced technology
  • with an angled working tip to provide very  easy access specially to the distal area
  • double sided easy-to-use bayonet catch – therefore the cylinder can be moved either in position for the upper or the lawer jaw
  • to be used for a 1.8ml anaesthesia cartridge
  • with anti-bursting sleeve
  • 0.06ml of anaesthetic is injected with  each press of the syringe
  • can be used for tank and/or thermal disinfection as well as sterilisation (autoclave)  up to 134°C