NSK Link the Surgic Pro and VarioSurg 3 (Link Only)


Link Surgic Pro and VarioSurg3. Two linked surgical systems that use a single foot control. A brand new approach to implant and surgical treatment. For dual power and performance with the link function.

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The NSK Link function allows operation between the NSK Surgic Pro oral surgery and implant micromotor system and the VarioSurg3 ultrasonic bone surgery system using a single foot control. A common interface controls each system, allowing synergy in diverse surgical procedures and greatly streamlining treatment. Each system is available separately and is easily linked as required, making the system expandable and very affordable.

Link function easily connects two systems
The Link function is easy to set up. Just connect the Surgic Pro and VarioSurg3 units with the link cable. The two systems can be installed together using the compact Link Stand.

Hands-free program adjustments via foot control
The two systems can be operated using the single foot control which offers hands-free operation of functions such as ultrasonic wave ON/OFF, forward and reverse selection, coolant flow selection and program selection.

Large and clear display for enhanced safety
The user-friendly display clearly indicates which system is active and ensures safe and accurate operation.