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A four ply level three Face Mask proudly manufactured in Australia
Box of 50

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A four ply, level three Face Mask proudly manufactured in Australia.
Designed with comfort and high level bacterial filtration in mind.
Sold in box of 50.

Revised in December 2015 the standard AS 4381:2015 for Face Masks are now performance based on 3 tests:
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) with Differential Pressure (Delta P) & Synthetic Blood Penetration Resistance. Fluid resistance is measured mm Hg, masks are rated according to performance.

L1-80 mm Hg. L2-120 mm Hg. L3-160 mm Hg.
Fluid Resistance: The ability of the mask to limit the passage of blood or body fluids from the outer facing through the mask layers to the inner facing.

Level 1. Applications: For general purpose medical procedures, where the wearer is not at risk of blood or body fluid splash or to protect staff and/or the patient from droplet exposure to microorganisms (e.g. patient with upper respiratory tract infection visits General Practitioner).
Level 2. Applications: For use in emergency departments, dentistry, changing dressings on small wounds or healing wounds where minimal blood droplet exposure may possibly occur (e.g. endoscopy procedures).
Level 3 Applications: For all surgical procedures, major trauma first aid or in any area where the health care worker is at risk of blood or body fluid splash (e.g. orthopaedic, cardiovascular procedures).

Med-Con Level 2 & 3 Masks to AS 4381:2015: Replace fluid resistant masks. 4-layer mask with ultra-soft non-reactive inner layer to maximize facial comfort. All Nelson Laboratory tested to required methods.

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