Osstell Beacon for Implant Stability Testing



The Osstell Beacon tells you when a dental implant is ready for loading in a matter of seconds.

The Osstell system measures the healing progress and the stability of the dental implant using the ISQ scale of 1-100. The technology is based on the tuning fork principle. A new, sterile and disposable SmartPeg is attached to an implant and made to vibrate, just like a tuning fork. The smaller the movement, the higher the ISQ value and the more stable the implant is.

This measurement is done quickly; it takes only a few seconds and is completely painless. The Osstell provides a value that will indicate whether the implant is stable enough to proceed to your final crown or bridge. This is done when the implant is placed and at subsequent times during the healing phase to determine if stability is achieved. This can translate into being restored in a shorter time frame if the healing phase is faster than others, hence the process is speeded up.