Satelec Ultrasonic Scaling tip for dental implant Tip PH2L

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Periosoft (4pack)


Left-oriented tip for implant and prosthesis maintenance. “Premolars and molars”. Shape comparable to 13–14 curettes. Recommended for posterior teeth.

Carbon composite mini-tips are used at low amplitude and power (green code). The goal of implant and prosthesis maintenance is to remove biofilm and loosely adhering deposits without scratching the surface of the prosthesis. The Periosoft line is designed for implant and prosthesis maintenance. Surfaces are left undamaged, preventing the retention of bacterial deposits and reducing the risk of peri-implantitis (9, 18). Periosoft carbon mini-tips are used to polish metal (gold, titanium) surfaces to reduce instrument marks. These mini-tips are also recommended for polishing ceramics and composite veneers without damaging the materials. The tips’ ends are extremely fragile and care must be taken to avoid jamming them or using excessive force which could result in breakage. These tips are used with as little lateral pressure as possible and treatments are totally painless.