Ultrasonic Cleaner L&R SweepZone 200

$1,300.00 incl GST

SweepZone 200
Timer and drain standard. Most popular tank size in the dental industry.

Offers multi-task flexibility to clean both instruments and dentures simultaneously.


Ultrasonic Cleaner SweepZone technology uses “Smart Circuit,” a custom-engineered electronic component that creates Constant Power Output (CPO) for consistent, uniform cleaning. This technology incorporates Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), which enables our SweepZone Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems to sense cleaning loads, solution level and voltage fluctuations. What does that mean? Our SweepZone cleaning systems automatically adjust to different conditions to create uniform cleaning power—eliminating hot spots and weak areas.

SweepZone systems:
• Use a special cleaning wave of +/- 2KHz energy that
sweeps back and forth through the tank
• Provide complete cavitation
• Provide aggressive cleaning action

32.2cm x 1.7cm x 22.2cm