Ultrasonic Cleaner Test Strips (50)


Easy to use Wash Monitors consist of a metal strip with synthetic test soil for routine monitoring of an ultrasonic wash process. Providing assurance and a traceable record


Assured Wash Monitor U-Ultrasonic Test by Getinge

Ultrasonic Wash Monitor Checks

Save time in your dental surgery with the Getinge Assured Ultrasonic Wash monitor checks the cleaning efficiency in the ultrasonic cleaner. Ultrasonic Wash Monitors examine cycle time, temperature, detergent concentration and cavitation for your ultrasonic cleaner

The synthetic test soil (blue diamond) is nonhazardous and simulates human blood and tissue. The removal of all test soil indicates effective cleaning.

For use with the reusable Getinge Assured Wash Monitor Holder which mimics as a weight.


Results are easy to read:

  • Blue = the cleaning process is insufficient
  • Clear = the cleaning process is sufficient